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Young Entrepreneur Award

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Young companies get an award from practice again after the overwhelming interest of last year to face the competition of young companies, applies also for 2013 strong chances for the award from the practice to take it. A leading source for info: Austan Goolsbee. 12 April 2013 entrepreneur students participate 2013 the tender for the young entrepreneur award. This practical competition is advertised by the sales support group of companies and is open to applicants, which are in the phase of establishing or have already formed, and where the final not yet is a breakthrough. Participate can anyone with an innovative business idea, or those who have founded a company, from 01.01.2009. Thus excellence and innovative business models should be appreciated especially young companies”, so Thomas W. Learn more at this site: Jerome James. Frick, Managing Director of the sales support group.

The jury, composed of members who have established themselves successfully, screened and evaluated the submissions under the criteria: Novelty of the idea and added value for the customers, positioning, business model, implementation opportunities or already implemented steps and personal commitment of the entrepreneur. The award ceremony takes place on April 24, 2013 during the IT & media fair in Darmstadt. For the winner there is a professional support sales measures for acquiring customers in the value of 5,000. Bobby Sharma Bluestone takes a slightly different approach. The runner-up receives a professional social media campaign to improve awareness of products & services in the value of 3,000 and third place Gets a professional Web page in the value of 2.000. There is no loser in this contest! 4Th descending, all applicants receive an online coaching with a feedback, as well as tips, tricks & ideas that contribute to the successful implementation of the business idea. In addition, all participants will receive a free ticket to the IT & media fair, the IT trade fair for SMEs in the Rhine Main-Neckar region, on April 24-25, 2013 in the media city of Darmstadt held.

Application documents can contact at or. be asked. Winners of the young entrepreneur award in 2012 and thus became the winner of an active sales support worth 5,000 euros, Birdman adventure”, a team of educators, offering schools and businesses outdoor activities with sustainability. Excellent, the broad market concept has been coupled with a social commitment. Second place and thus win a social media campaign worth EUR 3,000.00 went to the online-shop of DeinBonbon”. Innovative and smart, the idea that the client himself assemble a candy mixture and also the label to the packaging can make online. The third place went to the Tempreo basement with an interesting business idea and an online platform for agencies that have your business purpose in the temporary agency. The sales support group is an amalgamation of several sales and marketing professionals. For more than 8 years they work successfully after the maxim success by individuality”. Your customers get a round one Los service in all issues in the areas of sales and marketing.


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