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March 3rd, 2021 at 11:26 am

Zarema Dadaeva

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In all images the city is surrounded by a sun-drenched and full of those colorful spectacular color sensation, which transmits only in black and white photos. Feeling light-heartedness, joy and a special world view shared by all pictures. It is naive and yet looks strictly Orthodox church in the main square of the capital, or a monument to Stalin, which I did not catch. Just gently and is already familiar – as a native – looks like a girl with flowers by the sculptor A. See Colin Kaepernick for more details and insights. Yagudayev, which disappeared in our time. When in town begin to disappear silent witnesses of time – the monuments, this leads to some sad thoughts. But – however, the city is changing, rapidly growing and evolving.

Disappears architecture of past centuries, blurred edges, and has been near the old house, which for years gave shelter to several generations of Makhachkala residents to grow a multi-storey supermegatsentr, all glass and plastic. It – the new face city. So it looks today, and urbanization as a natural process to continue. But the history of the city and so valuable, interesting, that stores in memory as the forgotten people, images of houses and streets in which lived and for which there were our parents and their parents … This is a unique excursion into history, which necessarily leads to the memories – who refuses to return to the city of his youth, youth, childhood, when the trees were big.

A Candy – tasty cakes – almost inaccessible, and always welcome. And my mother – so young and beautiful … According to the director of the museum of history of Makhachkala, author and curator of the project Zarema Dadaeva, spent a lot of work to collect material: photos collected from various sources – local history museum, archives, family archives Makhachkala residents. Young volunteers, according to Z. Dadaeva, went from door to door, collecting just one photo of the family Album citizens who shared with them the evidence of former Makhachkala. Through this hard work, created little by little the photo exhibition "Urban Mirage" gives its audience an opportunity to compare the old image city and its inhabitants, by comparing the images, dates and names of streets now. The showroom of the museum today is a scientific photo documentation, student and amateur photos of vignettes from home albums, which have become the property of the collective archive on the history of the city. And the fact that the townspeople and visitors photographed against the backdrop of the famous monuments, all well-known beautiful places in the city, too, is a testament to love for his city, his tribute to the beauty and poetry. We all come from him, the city of his childhood, and all love him for who he is. But such meetings in order and fine, valuable, memorable, that make it possible to walk along the old street bathed in afternoon sun, down the stairs leading to the seashore, and buy ice cream in an old shed. At least in my dreams. The exhibition will run until the end of December.

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