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100 Years Odenwaldschule

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A journey into the past along side Paul Geheeb, his students and his staff will you”this Pindar quote led and inspired the famous reform teachers Paul Geheeb at the founding of the Odenwald school in 1910. Now it is as far as the school celebrates in April of this year its 100th founding anniversary. This is an occasion to look back, what has happened in the last century. Garamond of the source tape in the Odenwald school is published just in time for the founding ceremony to Publisher IKS 1909-1934 “. Although the Odenwald school plays the press as a result of abuse incidents in the spotlight, so should not be yet forgotten, basis on which the school was founded. That of Geheeb as educational laboratory”designed State reform school combines many basic ideas of the reform of Pedagogics: coeducation as life, design of school life, introduction of course systems and vintage cross-classes, individualized work, self-education as the education prerequisite u.v.m.

Paul Geheeb has throughout his life (1870 1961) only a few texts written. The mid-April publication the Odenwald school 1909-1934 “gathers the most important of his writings, supplemented by some contributions by employees and students and by images from the archive of the Odenwald school. There are also documents of the effects of NAZI barbarity and published on the transition of Geheebs in Swiss exile, where he founded the still existing Ecole d’ humanite. The source tape is edited by Professor Ulrich Herrmann (Tubingen). The publication can be ordered until April 18, 2010, at a subscription price of 15,00 directly from the Publisher of IKS Garamond, then it is available for 17,90. Bibliographic details: Publisher: Ulrich Herrmann title: the Odenwald school 1909-1934 lyrics by Paul Geheeb.

Reports and discussions of staff and students series: educational reform in sources, vol. 7 place/Publisher/year: Jena: IKS Garamond, 2010 ISBN: 978-3-941854-15-4 facilities: softcover, approx. 240 Pages, with numerous illustrations price: 17,90, Verlag: the IKS Garamond publishing house with headquarters in Jena is a scientific book publisher with alignment in the areas of pedagogy, theology, and interdisciplinary studies. Study based literature, research reports and scientific editions, festschriften are published mainly in close cooperation with universities and colleges. Contact person: Verlag IKS Garamond Annika Baldwin Tel.

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