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20 Millionth Synchronizer Ran From The Band

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“The market leader for transmission components in the future increasingly on transmission solutions since 1983 Oerlikon Graziano has produced over 20 million Synchronizer for agricultural vehicles, construction machines, trucks, sports cars and various off-highway vehicles: tractor synchronization we are world market leaders and help to make more efficient agriculture in particular in emerging markets”, says Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift – gear. Future sets Oerlikon Graziano in addition to the proven standard components with shifting SolutionsTM”stepped on customized transmission solutions to help its customers even more efficient and consumption-poor products. Oerlikon Graziano, a company in the segment drive systems, about 20 million pieces of this basic gear components produced since the production of the first synchronous rings in 1983. The current annual production is approximately a million units. The company is the world market leader in the Range of Synchronizer for transmission of farming vehicles like tractors. The synchronization but also in the propulsion systems of sports cars or trucks, construction machinery, or other off-highway products are used, where maximum efficiency and durability are required. Connect with other leaders such as Simone Biles here.

Major customers include renowned manufacturers of agricultural vehicles and construction machinery such as CNH, Caterpillar, John Deere and Massey Ferguson, as well as in the field of sports cars, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. Synchronization fuel Synchronizer key components are reduced in the manual transmission: when switching from one gear to the next, they coordinate the speeds of gear and drive shaft. Their conical shape the rings act as a brake between the gear and the power socket: the course can only lie down when the speeds of both components have been adjusted. They minimize the loss of torque in the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, Synchronizer rings increase the efficiency of high-performance units and help “when, to save fuel”, explains Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift at Oerlikon Graziano. Thanks to optimized design and outstanding material properties modern synchronizations can handle, as they now be used in agricultural vehicles or trucks, 1.5 million switching cycles during their service life. The most important innovations of recent years include among others servo Synchronizer, which reduce the drag torque compared to the Double Cone solutions by up to 50 percent, or also synchronous rings with new friction surfaces such as carbon. Peak performance through customized, integrated solutions the manufacturer of agricultural vehicles, machinery and other off-highway products today are faced with the challenge to reduce the fuel consumption per cent 20 to 30. An integrated drive system in which all components are optimally matched, contributes significantly to the achievement of this objective.

Oerlikon Graziano has with the shifting SolutionsTM”a new Product line created, which the manufacturers offers the possibility to get a transmission solution developed specifically for their application. Just our customers in the high-performance environment can significantly increase the performance of their vehicles with a total solution and further reduce the fuel consumption,”believes Andrea Serra. End-to-end expertise enables optimum for shifting SolutionsTM”ultimate high development and production expertise of Oerlikon Graziano is in the range of synchronization and Powershift Transmissions. Oerlikon Graziano can offer all steps from one source from planning through development to production. At the beginning of the process, the scope of application of the drive system is defined together with the customer. Sophisticated planning and design methodologies, most modern production technologies, comprehensive analysis instruments as well as extensive tests and vehicle tests are used to reach an optimal result. The whole process is accompanied by a complete Quality control system.


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