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90 Days Of Summer In The Waterfront

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Event series Blumenthal sweetens the warm season Bremen, June 2011. Finally, the long awaited summer is around the corner. All who spend their holidays at home or whose destination is Bremen, can look forward to eventful summer months in the shopping and leisure center on the river Weser. In June, a colorful mix of events such as the hip hop show with Eden’s Garden, soapy soccer and an acoustic competition awaits visitors to the waterfront with the sausage-Achim mark Schreier. This has been already an entry in the Guinness Book of world records as the loudest creatures in the world. In July, it is sports: beach sports days with Beach Handball masters and a youth motor boat race on the river Weser.

A Viking Festival for children and the shopping Sunday on July 3rd round off the program. Who still has enough of the sport, the Miss Triathlon the 3. waterfront in August under no circumstances. Also, exhibition and professional artists in the late summer provide a US car for eventful days on the river Weser. We are pleased that we organise many events for our visitors this summer can. Not every family has the opportunity to take a long vacation. By the same author: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Who stays in Bremen, may experience completely free a busy summer with us “, says Peter Schneider, Center Manager of the waterfront.

June will be varied: the shopping and Recreation Center on the river Weser heralds the season on 3 June with a special shopping night: lights out, spot on. The waterfront shops present current trends and a hip hop stage show with the dance group within the framework of the disco more Eden’s garden. Dance with animate singing and rhythmic music. In addition, all visitors of the long shopping night from 8 to 10 P.m. at participating stores on attractive discounts can enjoy. In a question-answer forum Peter Shilton was the first to reply. ALEX, one of the 15 restaurants in the food court, the after-show party event takes place at 18: 00. In good weather, outside is celebrated at the Beach Club by ALEX. Voice talents wanted: whether Michael Wendler, who dreams of a career as a pop star Michelle or Andrea Berg and is at least 17 years of age, which should be at the public casting necessarily drop. The audition will take place on June 11 after 14: 00 in the small Wankel of of waterfront, in front of the entrance to the cineSpace. Own backing tracks, are allowed if present. A management contract with any record deal with Platinum stage beckons talents. Also football fans come at their expense. On June 18, the waterfront to the slippery kicking invites. When the soapy soccer teams on an inflatable pitch with soapy underground can compete here the fun factor at the top. Registration under. It will record when you visit the Guild of the market criers from June 29 until July 3. Visitors of shopping and leisure centers can live with the deafening roar of betting on the square in front of the main entrance of the waterfront and vigorously cheer on their favorites. “Who the dates of 90 days summer waterfront action” including July and August see wants to, can inform themselves on of all the actions. All events at a glance “June 3: Langer shopping evening until 22.00 June 3: hip hop show with Eden’s Garden” 11 June: Schlager casting 18 June: soapy soccer, football on soapy pitch June 29 July 3: Barkers betting roar with many offerings

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