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April 30th, 2020 at 5:13 am


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In the school always a pupil revealed extradisciplined, gaining many prizes. Coming back Paris it attended a course university of Right, in 1889 if formed and its father faleceu, leaving a good richness to it, however it torrou with futilidades. He gave up right and he was to work as journalist, had success, but he gave up. Its workmanships had been based on Stendhal, ones Alexander Of and Victor Hugo. In 1903 it launched its first book, and its as in 1907.Outras workmanships are: ' ' The Queen of the Sab' ' ; ' ' The Assombrada&#039 Armchair; ' ' ' Mystery of the Amarelo&#039 Room; ' Patriotic daisy was born in Rio De Janeiro, travelled world and currently lives in Braslia.Foi teacher of Literature, during 25 years. It already published 20 books, some assays more than fiction for adults. Other workmanships are: ' ' It leaves the front that comes people there that there come gente' ' ; ' ' In the Trams of the Emoo' ' ; ' ' It has Enchantment in the Quintal' ' ; ' ' All dumb one with Duda' ' ' ' The war of the Known ones against the Vagais&#039 Athletes; '. Its first fiction ' ' A voice of the Other Mundo' ' it made it to gain the Competition National of Joo-of-Adobe Literature, edition 2005.A majority of its reached public is the young.

The workmanship the Ghost of the Opera uses of much imagination, but in them it brings a reflection therefore in the book, Eric if it hid because of its feira, but for the days of today we can understand that all we have a side ghost, always trying to hide the imperfections, manipulating, lying, or even though being prejudiced with deficient, expresidirios, the living ones of street among others. Eric also loved had feelings, the monster had human feelings, for more errors that person can have committed it has feelings. Perhaps if they had respected it to all they looked at it to as any common person, it would not have committed as many crimes. This is the idea that can be transmitted, we have that to respect the differences. Also in the ones of the one lesson of humildade and recognition therefore exactly therefore exactly loving it left it to Cristine to leave recognized its errors. When we read the workmanship we finish being taken for feelings, we dive in our imagination, we identify in them with some parts or even though personages, the ghost many times we are. He is difficult to judge Eric the fear is not known if or the penalty and compassion must prevail. Many times also we disillusion in them in the love, always we maltreat in them, therefore the reason of the loss is for terms shown this terrible side. This workmanship will be immortal therefore all the generations with certainty if they had identified and they will be guided by the emotion and imagination.


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