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August 29th, 2018 at 7:26 am


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Artisan tissues are in danger of extinction, there’s no doubt. The worst thing is that they are and will be replaced by tissue machine. Machines of a value which exceeds $15,000, and that are capable of weaving a complete garment in only nine minutes (sometimes less); and they are not simple garments, since they come out of the machine with pockets, bypassed, and hoods. So we give us a idea, five of these machines can be met by only one operator, and after eight hours he can weave 266 items (in a time of nine minutes each). Of Argentina’s largest factories are importing many machines of knitted fabrics, from Japan and Germany in 90% of cases, since in those countries are the most recognized brands of machines. Anyway the German machines outweigh (in value and quality) to the Japanese. Yarns using these machines are poor quality, compared with those used in the hand-woven fabrics, since they seek to cheapen costs either way, no matter anything the quality.

Only the quantity imported them. This mix of cheap yarn + machines automatic and quick takes that garments are becoming increasingly cheaper, or at least remain at a stable price, whereas everything rises. How to compete with this? I think that it has no jurisdiction. In this era of idas and turns in our country (and elsewhere also) people looking for low prices, and sometimes dazzles for a minimal difference, regardless of the quality of what you buy, imports only the money that is saved. Anyway, artisan tissues will always be, to a greater or lesser extent, will be.

We will always have people with good taste who knows how to choose and distinguish between the exclusive and general; between typical and uncommon. And they will always be immense artisans to apply all his wisdom, his history, his passion, his desire and his gift to please us. Contra viento y marea. Nicolas Gonzalez. Original author and source of the article


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