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Antiquity Body

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Plato separated as a binomial has lain and body as if it perceives in this piece of its workmanship: ' ' the man is the union of the soul and the body. The soul is the essence of the body, and has the nature of the ideas. Soul is the beginning of the movement and of vida' '. It kept the place of the mind in the head, but it perceives a relation between mind and body, therefore it perceives the relation between disease, as in the phrase it has lain is body are. In the Antiquity if it perceives the definition of the brain in the localization of the mind in the brain, unhappyly for the development of this Science, that the researchers had changed its headquarters for the heart as the important Greek philosopher Aristotle, at least of the feeling. The man is a substantial unit of soul and body, where the first one fulfills the functions of form in relation to the substance, that is constituted by as. What she characterizes the soul human being is the rationality, intelligence, the thought, for what it is spirit. Discardings spot the dualism have lain and body lasted years in the study of the personality human being as if it perceives the separation between the mind and body.

But in the majority always she kept the definition of its place as in the head, exactly that the understanding not so perfect of its anatomical and physiological structure with the inexact substances. With the illnesses of psicomtica origin she perceives the imperfection of this idea. The idea of John Locke who the man is uma' ' it tabulates rasa' ' of the Latin, ' ' blank leaf ' ' the man is not true therefore is not a passive being front to the way is dynamic with it interacting. Therefore with he denies it to the contepornea therefore has traces of the behavior with genetic trend.


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