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August 17th, 2018 at 6:33 pm

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Without going into deep analysis, we note the most obvious contradictions between assumptions and actual practices that give rise to justifiable criticism. Naturally, the items prohibited for use, is absolutely unacceptable to use in the sport with no moral, ethical or legal point of view. In this respect, there should be no doubt. However, as rightly argued by many specialists, this thesis is no doubt only if the proof of the validity of ethical, legal, medical, sports and technological positions of the fact of the ban a huge number of accessible, widespread and in many cases, desperately needed for the athlete in for his health and training products and techniques. Unfortunately, here there are not only questionable, but there are serious and scientific reason to believe that in many cases, the practice of anti-doping work violates the legal rights of athletes, contrary to the principles of sports training, the athlete denies full medical protection.

Does not hold and the base of the ban means and methods in connection with the fact that they give Athletes unilateral advantage over rivals. These funds are a reflection of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, and in all cases where clear positive impact on athletic performance and no medical contraindications, their use seems justified Today's high performance sport is an arena for introducing the most advanced science. Sports uniforms, equipment, simulators, diagnostic and control systems, nutritional supplements, rehabilitation facilities, pharmaceutical drugs, and more if used correctly can bring and brings a unilateral advantage athletes over others. Every major sporting event gives many examples of what athletes who applied innovations provided by science, can take advantage over their competitors. This is a natural process, characteristic of any sphere of activity, so the argument that an athlete taking illegal drugs, gets a one-sided advantage, is frivolous. This advantage can be obtained an athlete who uses drugs allowed, new efficient design of skis, bikes, beans, sleds, boats, etc.

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