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December 9th, 2019 at 3:11 am

Ayrton Senna Many

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With this it doubts, we go to evaluate people next to us, that its marks in our souvenirs had left. I better find to start with Ayrton Senna, a stubborn person, who won adversaries strong and that she is eternalized by the aggressive form, with that piloted an expensive one of formulates 1. Good but in a sport, so known as this, either perhaps easy to be eternalized, not exactly. That such Mamonas Murderous, a musical group that did not obtain, nor to record as the record, had died of tragic form, the young with less of, I know 15 years there perhaps already it has listened to its musics and tanned without nor knowing that it was about an immortal band. We go to try some without linking with sports or musics, perhaps somebody of the people, who if detached of other forms. I find that a good example, it would be the Betinho, Herbert Jose de Souza, was, that is, it is known only as Betinho de Souza, a sociologist who died of AIDS in the decade of 90, but left many fruits of its work, fought against the poverty, the preconception and many other discriminativas forms, that still we see in many places, but can have certainty, it left its mark. Now I ask. Whenever gymnast listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He will be that I also can be immortal.

Good I did not invent nothing, I did not create nothing, I did not improve nothing, I am not esportista, I sing and I dance very badly, and nor I know right the meaning of the word sociology, I find that nobody knows. But then as I can be immortalized? In all cases, we can notice some similarities. All had been perseverantes, had courage above all and action. How many times we lie down in the sofa, attending to a program that nor we like very, thinking that it could be making something really important. I myself already I made this many times and still it said pra me exactly, _ Levanta from there It goes to make something. It seems that sofa has glue, and looks at that nor and comfortable. exists one dictated that it says: The life is hard pra who is soft.

is not that to that it leaves me sofa soft, thinks about a thousand things pra to make, ah that sofa. COURAGE to raise of the sofa and to start to work in that project that as much wants, courage to play with the children. At last courage. It has the certainty when to raise, everything goes to start to give certain, as magical. It believes. As much that I am here writing, as always wanted, perhaps who immortalizing knows me!


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