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Berlin Hiking Week

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3. Berlin hiking week, 7 days – 7 ways, will be organised again in the period from 9 to 16 April 2011 by WV Spandau e.V.. Hikers from close and far to participate in this event. Berlin, 07.04.2011 to the 09.04.2011 3rd starts Berlin hiking week, 7 days 7 ways. The touring Spandau e.V. organizes the hiking event of the city every year in spring and autumn.

Hikers out close and remote monastery Street 5 meet on Saturday at 8:45 in Spandau. The day hike starts at 9:00. Hiking week again attracts hikers from throughout the country. You will run every day of the week on the permanent IVV hiking tracks in Berlin and Brandenburg. Any interested hiking friend is invited and may participate, without a club bond.

The hikes are led in all weathers. The lengths are between 10 to 22 km. On some days, various distances are offered at the same time. Migrated is in all weather conditions. Commemorating the hikers who have participated in at least 5 days, will receive a souvenir stamp in her book. In addition, there are ratings for the acquisition of the international popular sports badge. All hikers who submit appropriate books of the DVV or IVV get. The entry fee for the single, daily walk is 1.50 EUR each, except for the tour on the last day. The venues for the hikes on the other days are always in good time before the start at 9:00: U-BHF Otisstrasse on April 10 – S-BHF Alexanderplatz (box office) on April 11, S-BHF Wusterhausen (tourist info) on April 12 DB station Dahlewitz on April 13 main station Potsdam (DB-info) on April 14, monastery Street 5, Spandau (beer fountain) on 15 April and commuter rail station Lichtenberg on April 15. On the last day, there is a tour with the car as a bonus to Kostrzyn. There will be hiked two hiking trails with a total of 15 km, one in the National Park Warta mouth and one in the city of Kostrzyn. The ride is an obligation which ends at 14.04.2011 and modified fee contributions; apply for this day This may include Site for details on the Club’s website.

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