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November 8th, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Binational Mixed Commission

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This situation, unfortunate result of a totalitarian regime, is pronounced in millionaire transferences that, by a series in agreements and exchanges, Chvez realise to the colapsada economy of the Caribbean island, and to its friendly and ” guides revolucionarios” , the brothers Fidel and Raul I castrate, that, in return, provide ideological disguises, logistic personnel to him and to scatter their authoritarian strategies, they did since it in the decade of 60 and 70 of the century last with the aim of ” anexar” to the Comunism led by the Soviet Union to the countries of Latin America. Indeed, before the Summit of the Dawn in Havana was celebrated, it took place the X Meeting of the Binational Mixed Commission (Cuba-Venezuela) with promises of new injections of capital to the dictatorship of the brothers I castrate (in petroleum or dollars nonSucres surely) by $3000 million. Without this type of aid, fed by the chequera of petrodollars of Hugo Chavez who wastes the money of the Venezuelan town, to only manage its personal appetites to lead ” imperialism bolivariano” , the Cuban economy already it would have collapsed totally. Not in vain, the enthusiasm of the Cuban communist regime by the Dawn and what in fact it represents. CEO of e-commerce recognizes the significance of this. An organization so distorted in its conceptions and objectives, and often so out of phase of the contemporary realities, hardly will be able to prosper. The Honduran decision to leave the Dawn, has been an important blow. At the moment, in addition, some does not seem to have possibility that another country adds/sinks the organization.

The expectations, fed by some sectors of governor In front Farabundo Mart de Liberacin Nacional (FMLN), of which El Salvador took the step, were totalemnte denied by their president, Mauritius Funes. That is to say, ” Alliance bolivariana” there is lost impetus and it bases. Unfortunately, nevertheless, one stays like a distorting factor in the Latin American relations, and like a drive belt of the deliriums of the president of Venezuela, Tte. Cnel Hugo Chavez to the members of the organization.


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