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BMW Motorsport

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Most tuning companies – independent private enterprise. Even amg – 'court' specialist fine-tuning 'Mercedes-Benz' – began and until 1 January 1999 has remained privately owned, although it has been fully integrated into Stuttgart activities of concern. However, sometimes there are exceptions: the 'political' decisions emanating from the offices of senior management are bordering on an art field of activity, as tuning and motor sport, 'Grafted' largest automobile companies. That is the beginning of a brilliant way 'BMW Motorsport GmbH', a subsidiary of 'BMW AG', established in Munich under the title, to carry out activities in the field of motor sport and submission of the German automaker at racetracks around the world. This momentous event is taking place in 1972, when a potential rival Bavarian 'coupe' series 'CS' – 'Ford Capri RS' – for the second consecutive time goes unconditional winner of European championship circuit races. Generally bmw back in the 60's became one of the dominant brands in the 'Touring Car ring'. First firm to represent rear-engined racing Thrace '700 '-I, after 1962 -' new class' – 4-door 'sedans' with engines from 1.5 liters and above. In 1963, a '1500 'version adds a second volume of 1,8 liters (1773 cm3, 90 hp). A year later – its modification '1800Ti '(same motor, 2 two-compartment carb, 110 hp) And '1800Ti / SA' (further changes to the engine, suspension, transmission, 130 hp). If the latter, under the leadership of bmw dvigatelista Paul Roche (Paul Rosche), intended for sale to amateur racers, the '1800Ti 'became the basis for a racing car factory team.


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