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This attractiveness is also on the partner. SCHEMA in the company’s history never won so many and renowned project partners in a year. We are particularly pleased that that could these partnerships be lived from the beginning of active and joint projects”, commented Stefan Freisler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH, cooperation. The ITL AG, DGB TetrKom, Albisa (for Spain), IlmDoc technical documentation GmbH, Tedopres international, SYSTEC, Antea (for France) and the Klopotek & Partner GmbH (for the publishing industry) are new scheme partners. Especially in times of crisis companies are looking for solutions, with which they can make their processes more efficient and sustainable to minimize their costs”, says Stefan Freisler, added: in the manufacturing and production, this optimisation potential are nearly exhausted. It’s different in the technical documentation and product communication.

Here, significant savings can be achieved by reusing existing texts. The cost of any translations can be reduced by up to 50%.” Working with SCHEMA ST4 using SCHEMA ST4 can easily create product information and technical documentation and manage in a clear form. In the XML-based content management system (now the term is customary for this content component management system”a) granular, product information as individual information modules (modules) are provided so that they can be reused for any other documentation. Also making the documentation according to the principle of the Bill of materials is possible: already when creating a module is assigned to this, for which Assembly or component of the product, it has validity. For new documentation projects are the system then uses a filter according to the parts list mapping only the relevant text modules. The Modularization also greatly simplifies the maintenance and management of information. When changes or updates only the respective units of text must be updated and not, as usual often whole documentation. At the same time, once changes are automatically transferred to all documents.

Professional filter and connecting to translation management technologies by default to provide are for the translation of documents. Overall the text production is industrialized ‘. Reader contact SCHEMA: Tel: + 49 911 58 68 61-0 SCHEMA complex documents easily the Nuremberg software company founded in 1995 by documentation experts on XML-based editorial solutions specialises. With over 60 employees in four locations, professional systems for small and medium-sized offices be implemented up to company-wide information logistics solutions. The areas of application of Areas such as technical documentation, software documentation and help systems, catalogues, labelling in pharmaceutical companies, publishers, contract management and component content management solutions are SCHEMA ST4. The applications are based on the standard software SCHEMA ST4, use leading-edge technologies (.NET/J2EE) and integrate all relevant standards (including XML, DITA, SAP R / 3 ). Technology partnerships and standard interfaces, the integration in the existing corporate IT is optimally solved.

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