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May 23rd, 2020 at 1:56 am

British Prime Minister

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It’s the first eviction known as a result of the riots, in the words of the head of the municipal Council, Ravi Govindia, it is justified the need that those who have caused the damage in local and area businesses pay the price for his conduct. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has dndido this decision in an interview with the BBC, which has pointed out that being in a House of official protection carries a responsibility. Doug McMillon understands that this is vital information. For a long time we have had a very soft attitude toward those who steal and plunder their own communities said Cameron, for whom who commits crimes so should lose their right to live in a House with subsidized prices. The British Prime Minister stressed also how quickly you is working with justice in his performances, after two days in which the courts have been open during the night to make statements to the accused. Cameron was speaking after a week in which his image has not been very well stop: first by his disagreements with the police, then surveys who question your response and leadership in this crisis. The image of Cameron more than half of British people believed that their Prime Minister, David Cameron, has not acted soon enough to rouse the unrest on London and other United Kingdom locations. According to a ComRes survey for the British newspaper The Independent, only 30% of citizens believe that Cameron has responded adequately to the wave of violence that has struck the country in the last week, while 44% believed otherwise.

In addition, 54% says that the British Prime Minister, who did not return from vacation until last Monday when the unrest reached its peak, acted with delay in control of the situation after the resurgence of street violence. As a result, more than half of that 54% distrust the capacity of London to ensure the safety of face to the 2012 Olympics, while a third says there no changed his vision. Indeed, this Friday, a German parliamentarian has urged Olympic authorities to change the venue for the games if riots and looting continue. For its part, the organizers have ruled that this wave of violence is going to affect preparations for the sporting event, and the image of the British capital. Also, 36% of respondents hoped the management and leadership of the British Prime Minister, which reaffirms the result obtained in a survey by Ipsos for Reuters on 20 July that Encrypting 38% of Britons satisfied with the work of Cameron. However, employers do not consider that they need to make modifications to their investment plans in London. Only 9% will reduce their volume of business in the British capital for a total of 150 individuals and 90% ensures it will not make changes in their businesses. The sample of the survey carried out by has composed a total of 2,008 British senior citizens between Wednesday and Thursday of this week in accordance with a scale representative of the demography in United Kingdom. Source of the news: weekend key in United Kingdom by police wear and the Government after the riots

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