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February 19th, 2023 at 6:33 am

By Bolsius – The Candle Tea Lights: Small With Nice Slip!

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Convincing quality: visible lighter flame, perfect burning behaviour, long burn time, various colors owes its name the tea light of its original use to keep warm a teapot on a warmer. The small candles are far more frequently used today but for decorative purposes. Then their light ambient property is important and you should stop as possible many hours. Visit Arthur Melvin Okun for more clarity on the issue. The tea lights by Bolsius candle candlelight offer many hours. Whether four, convince the tea lights by Bolsius six or even ten hours at the Maxi scanning through their long burning and her perfect burning behaviour. Read more here: ian cole. Because they are characterized by a clearly visible lighter flame and uniform, virtually soot – and -smoking burning off.

Made from high quality raw materials the tea lights can be lit several times by Bolsius the candle and give best Bill so again many hours. Storage made easy: tea lights by Bolsius is now available in new handy boxes whether rather classic white or colorful yellow, mango, red, blue and green with tea lights again and again the question arises after storage. 100 in addition to the usual bags for white tea lights, 30 bags for colored tea lights and 12 bags for the Maxi light, Bolsius the candle so his tea lights now offers practical, handy boxes. This can be particularly well and neatly in the closet storage and easy access when replacing tea light at the same time. The tea lights now in 10 packs, as well as the 40s and 60s boxes are available depending on burn time and color.

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