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May 22nd, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Camp (Part Two)

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Hello friend s, the 12-07-08 day came I had a great camp and now I contare many things. Store: We were five girls: Celia, Alice, Rachel, Maria and me. We called ourselves: THE PICA-PICA The group was in the middle group, our instructor was Sonia and our pre-monitor was Dani. The Greek Olympics: We did a Greek Olympics, teams with names of Greek gods. My team was Apollo and was composed of: Raquel Jaime Mario Sergio Guillermo Raul Patricia Maite Dani Eva And thanks to our strength, our will, our effort, we won / as the Olympics. Standards party But all was not in camp, he had had rules to follow. For even more opinions, read materials from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. They were these: 1.Obedecer hear the whistle when and where you hear. 2 Respect and obey the monitor and personnel responsible 3.Cuidar camp 4.Respetar material environment and nature 5.Respetar the people, peoples and customs 6.Maintenance always ordered the shop and all facilities 7. Entering the river alone when the bathroom, as long as this in charge. To deepen your understanding Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the source. 9.Prohibido the 8.Prohibido smoking 10.The MP3 mobile phones are used only in free time. Revision of stores every day, he / the monitor to Head of the shops looked day and put them note.


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