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September 12th, 2018 at 5:41 am

Christmas Holidays

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In the coming autumn and Christmas holidays, foot ball ferienschule.de again held his football camps for young kicker in the 6-16 years of age. During the camps show experienced educational and professional sports trainer (at least C-license) qualified the basic techniques in football the young kickers and reveal the tricks of the pros. In addition to the two daily training sessions, many game and tournament types, intensive technology training and lots of fun with and on the football are on the program. Each camp has its own 10-fight Olympiad. Boris Kalff, head of the football school explains it: we offer something very special with our 10-fight Olympiad the children. Here, the young kicker in 10 different disciplines can compete with each other. By juggling and football wide shot up to the measurement of the speed of the shot everyone will find his Prime discipline here.” Www.fussball-ferienschule.de/ you also can compare his personal achievements Olympic Games with the services of other camp participants. The Christmas camp in Muhlhausen is a Indoor camp held in the Georgii Hall.

For students ready to traveling the camp booking with overnight accommodation and full Board in the waldschlosschen Muhlhausen possibility”. The dates: 21.10. 25.10.13 hair Hausen (football camp, 6-16 years) 22: 10 25.10.13 bad Blankenburg (striker camp, 6-9 years) 22: 10 25.10.13 bad Blankenburg (striker camp, 10-16 years) 22: 10 25.10.13 bad Blankenburg (goalkeeper camp, 6-16 years) 28.10 31.10.13 finsterbergen (football camp, 6-16 years) 27.12. 30.12.13 Muhlhausen (indoor football camp, 6-16 years) 02: 01 05.01.14 bad Blankenburg (indoor football camp, 6-16 years) login you can easily on foot ball ferienschule.de: reading ferienschule.de’s vision is, to offer a high quality and varied training for children and young people aged between 6 and 16 years of age, which differs essentially from the day-to-day training of the Association. Goal of every football school is next to the Learn new skills providing fun and enjoyment most and with the football. Your press contact: Max Tarantik anger 74 99084 Erfurt phone: 0361 / 216 964 87 fax: 0361 / 216 964 89 E-Mail:


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