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Comparative Analysis

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Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of three free directories, or why I prefer RusArticles When you write an article – you invest in her soul, time and effort. It is quite understandable desire to readers of the text was like a newborn possible. Well, "time zero" came the text verified, reread, and licked, ready for publication. Click Michael J. Bender to learn more. Question: "Where to publish?" Sooner or later confronts any writer. Just specify I – not professional, "Prodrive sites.

" With-out (on diploma work) that I got pretty expensive, I certainly do everything I can to promote it on the Internet. While pay 15-20 thousand per month promoters I do not ready. It is for this reason that I was on the site RusArticles, as well as. In this short note we would like to share my observations regarding the success of "destiny" of my articles to each directory. You can, of course, would be their compared to PR and TIC, but I decided to go another way. Selfish and practical.

I would like to consider three main criteria for me: the time and conditions of moderation articles, the number of views (the popularity of content) and quantity transitions in my life on the published articles. So, for example, take the last article, I deliberately wrote the "roast" theme August 6, 2010: "Heat and Smog: How to transfer them with minimal loss" and sent to one and However, in the three mentioned free article directory. On pages RusArticles.com tips for survival in the heat and smog appeared on August 8, two days later.

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