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September 11th, 2013 at 7:17 am

Constantly Hint

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When was the last time you spent a whole day without worrying about something? When was the last occasion in which to have not done everything I had planned, he felt irritated and tense? These and many other questions are which we could make with respect to a theme as current as it is from stress, are going to think about it. Stress is a word constantly used, and when somebody says: I feel stressed out, we know that it is likely to feel tired, irritated, even overwhelmed, exhausted. When you use this expression, is probably saying that what you’re feeling is too excessive, the scientists say that stress occurs at all times. In fact, a body without stress would be a lifeless body. Stress is a response of the body to any demand that it does stress occurs, for example; When Act you to save his life, when competing for a prize, as they Ascend at work, participates in sports activities when it is positively stressed, has a better chance of saving his life in a dangerous situation, can perform difficult tasks with greater ease, experiencing a feeling of being more stimulated, unfortunately, stress also occurs when, he meets a host of discomforts throughout the day, deals regularly with tense people, confronts a very demanding agendaworks with unclear objectives, manage problems difficult to solve unfortunately pay a high price by negative stress, since our health is affected, we excited easily, our behavior changes and negatively, our performance decreases clearly perceive our body the stress when the body is energised regardless the situation – is response to both psychological and physiological reactionwhich is glandular, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal changes. Stress affects all our body assuming increasing significant levels of adrenaline, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, at the same time that breathing it accelerates, the senses are intensified and decreased function of the immune system.


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