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Control Work. Requirements For Registration And Writing

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In contrast to the abstracts and reports of yesterday's examination for schoolchildren is not news. This is a traditional form of control for Learning, adopted at school and in college. The difference between the control and other student written work is primarily in the fact that the abstract and report, and of course or research work are educational and scientific forms of knowledge control. By checking the abstract or coursework, the teacher evaluates not only the students with knowledge of the subject, but also the independence of his thought, the possession of a logical device, the skills of working with sources, the ability to draw scientific text. When the control problem students much easier.

Control – not a scientific work, even in the most remote and rough sense. It's just a student report on how he mastered the training material on the subject. Control work in the university classroom are (performed during classroom hours in the presence of the teacher) and domestic, which are given at home by a certain date, current, whose purpose is to control the knowledge that only traversed the subject, and the examination, evaluation of which has the final status, the front, which serves the entire group of like-and the individual who are fortunate individual. With distance learning examinations are the main form of inter-monitoring of student knowledge. Executing them is slightly different from the performance of the current control works full-time students.

First, the correspondence students themselves choose a theme control work on the existing list of the teacher. Secondly, the writing of this control work is more like writing an essay: selected topics needed for the disclosure literature, are compiled statement or summary, the presentation plan is built, finally, in accordance with the questions written text plan. The volume control works should not exceed ten printed pages. Prerequisites for registration: any title page and comprehensive plan. As for the content of the evaluation criteria, the condition is the absence of a positive assessment of gross errors and a reasonable degree of disclosure issues. Of course, the work can not be counted, eslya teacher finds a literal fact of cheating the source. However, a meaningful arrangement of text in your own words the school is acceptable.


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