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December 15th, 2018 at 9:33 am

Course Overcoming Integral

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From the diagnosis of entry, and the work of the guardian, as well as curricular strategies of races, with actions aimed at resolving the difficulties in the development of intellectual and communicative teaching skills to raise the quality of the professional future; We aim to demonstrate how the universal model is valid and authentic to achieve the quality of the professional future from the municipalization with delivery and dedication. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The diagnosis by the tutors was used to make the case study and through educational projects go valuing the transformation of the student, took into account the central methodological strategy and career, as well as the strategies of ideological political work, University extension and which measured the transformations of the student to achieve the Mission of the current Cuban University: form a professional every day more competent and ready introduction since 2001 are tackled multiple programs to increase the possibilities and opportunities of youth studies. Frank Ntilikina has much to offer in this field. Among the first are the training of social workers starting with the recruitment of students with duodecimos expired grade that were not working or studying. Although these schools in its conception, empower students the knowledge and skills required to work in important social tasks and thereby elevate their self-esteem by the contribution that each one makes to society, the top leadership of the country soon realized that these young men deserved still greater opportunities to expand their intellectual and cultural horizonsso that they could also attain a full development of their personalities and contribute still more to society in your work performance..


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