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CrazyTalk Animator Pro

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Full body animation for real people from photos and drawings for your own comics and cartoon Braunschweig/San Jose, 16th 2010 Reallusion animator teach with the new CrazyTalk running real people by photos, drawn cartoon characters or template characters. A newly developed technology enables now the full-body animation for your own cartoons, comics and stories in addition to the full talking facial animation. Real people by photos, scanned, even winning characters or character templates, can now play as players whole cartoon stories and the dolls dance to. Various combinations between the characters as real heads on cartoon bodies are available to the user the choice. The movements can be used automatically and simply drag-and drop from the motion library directly.

The software provides many tools for all character elements that animate individually and specially adapted for movement for individualists. For the background of the scene, Reallusion builds on the Layertechnik, so that in addition to the numerous templates for your own backgrounds also recognised levels based can be included objects, whether real from your digital camera or read as drawing over the scanner. Following on the previous version the final cartoon, comics or cartoon future-oriented in 3D allow you to stereo via side-by-side”and create Anaglyph (red/cyan). The special layer-based technology allows this individual tuning for optimal 3D stereo result. Animator the finished 2D of stories as standard and high definition (HD) to be with CrazyTalk videos in 2D or 3D stereo or spend even as images of up to 3000 x 3000 pixels. CrazyTalk animator comes as a standard version with template-based drag-and-drop editing and CrazyTalk Animator Pro including a timeline for detailed setting options and numerous control options. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP is the German CrazyTalk animator in the standard version for euro 49.00 and the Pro version for euro 159.00 immediately as download via de available.

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