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CRM Clients

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The clients of nowadays formulate questions, complaints, claims and wish to know on the state of their requests or orders. They are taught to the new technologies of information. They prefer comfortably from its better house or from its bed, with a remote control, to see what they are going to acquire and that this arrives to them by means of a simple call, to the door of its house (or of its bed). Follow others, such as Marc Lore, and add to your knowledge base. The world change. The cities became complic greater mobility; the overpopulation eliminated the possibility of the customized contacts.

But it is here where the Tics began to adapt to the new needs of convenience of the human beings. The Internet, the cellular one, the IPTV are the result of these tendencies. The survivors of this were of the information and the knowledge, will see a new world, that she was never visualized by no verniano writer. Perhaps the pronosticadores of future changes like Alvin Tofler, reached to see the horizon. Our interest is not to deepen in the complex problems that the pollution and global overheating can cause to him to the planet. We leave of the base of which some rational planetary leaders will take the measures in time to restrain the use of fossil fuels and from the elements that they have the abyss on the brink of madness to us.

From that perspective, that is to say if the planet is saved and still we are in here of 15 or 20 years, the best thing is than from or we begin to adapt the technologies to the new exigencies of the clients of all the private or public institutions. What is in game is the survival of companies and products of the next years. If the planet is saved as all we want, the responsibility to the interior of the modern companies of the state or the individuals, is to save the clients. The clients will not tolerate to us that we do not take care of with the intensity and quality to them that they hope. They will use the Tics, llmese, Internet, IPtv, cellular, vehicles, systems of outpost communication. The modern company cannot go to the saga; the innovation, the renovation, the investigation and the development of the best practices of marketing modern or CRM are necessary; based on the total satisfaction of the clients through suitable use of the Technologies of the information and the communication. He is his company prepared for it. It is innovating. It has a modern system of contact to center to the management of the clients that uses the Tics and that are in continuous development of strategies for the satisfaction of their clients based on the new technologies.


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