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January 2nd, 2019 at 11:42 pm

Dance School: Cindy

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Distinctive features of schools 'Cindy': 1. The intensity of training. Classes in each group are 3 times a week for 2 hours. 2. Complexity.

Half of each class, ie given to one o'clock Shestov stripping and plastic strip, the second hour – classical dance (includes exercises to develop flexibility). 3. Price. If you divide the cost of subscription for a month by the number of hours, the cost of one hour classes in our school will be 150-175 USD. – The lowest in Moscow (sm.pravila payment). 4.

Individual approach. A set of strictly limited: no more than 8 people in a group of Shestov stripping, as well as girls division into groups for beginners and continuing. 5. Versatility. In our school there are six different diameters: 38, 45 and 51 mm. Some of them are static, others – spinning, and some can be both static and spinning. Such diversity allows our pupils subsequently feel confidently on any stage. 6. Videography. Produced every two months to help female students. Video sent to her student e-mail and will not be published anywhere else (for video site produced separately and only with the consent of the most student). 7. Performance. School 'Cindy' there is more than a year, but today more than 15 of our students are engaged in teaching in other schools or even opened their own schools. Also, our girls often participated in competitions Poledance. Several of our students are working in nightclubs as dancers. 8. Diversity. Catching up in the same group, each student gets on our lessons are not one, but to several teachers by stripping and stripplastike, thus obtaining not one-sided and multi-pronged training, with the ability to take from each teacher is the best. 9. Additional features. Also, our school held courses in make-up techniques and modeling of gait (walking mannequins.) 10. Creativity. Twice a year at our school striptease and stripplastiki held demonstrations, which may take part each of our student.

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