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August 20th, 2020 at 3:03 am

Daniel Ewald

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In addition to the improvement of neural activation of the muscles, intramuscular coordination (Frequezierung and synchronization) to be optimized. Overall, a significant increase in the explosive power and influenced by it components (maximum force, starting power and reactive power capability) is reached. Inhibitory (inhibitory) impulses be reduced further and a possible long-term training plateau can be breached. In addition is the ability to reduce a still not maximum reduced power deficit. Training periodization and Cyclization periods unilateral strength and fitness training changed the muscular (Phano-) type and leads to a shift of the Muskelfaserprofils.Hieraus results in the majority of cases a slow Muscles, a decrease in the maximum power capability, a deterioration or stagnation of the energy supply and neural innervation and a stagnation of performance a demotivation of training will. The correct Periodisation can counteract all the and will result in medium – and long-term to better workout results. The validity periods in the course of the year is also for cycles/weeks in the period / month cycles apply.The right developed further optimized the training effectiveness and muscular as neural performance factors. To read more click here: Marc Lore.

To detailed schedule of training, the training year must be divided into periods lasting from 1 to 4 months. In the performance segment, cycles should be used also by 1 to 2 weeks.Within the training plan, you should also planned a subsequent break from training for each intensive period. This allows a best possible regeneration or the de training effects in terms of physiological adaptation, the first after discontinuation of the trainings for the development are used. TRAIWI makes a very practical classification of different training periods individually. This classification takes into account and describes very clearly the continuous change of the training in the course of the year.

The objectives of TRAIWI periodization of strength and fitness training are: the optimization of the adjustment (adaptation) to avoid training plateaus (stagnation) avoiding overloads, or overtraining (de training) doing our periodization includes always a change of the content of the training, or a variation in the load sizes (normative). Depend on these changes or variations of: high low load volume low to high intensity of always stronger increase in specific training content thus become during the periods, the exposure standards (weight/intensity, serial number, load duration, number of repetitions, breaks and movement type and speed) individually varied the cycles and changes. Conclusion Depending on the category of training and the training target training plans should include all necessary periods and cycles for the optimal Trainingszielerrichung. Thus you can generate all necessary training stimuli for your training goal and give the body time to implement them effectively. Daniel Ewald

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