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Times change and make change to individuals and companies, who must adapt to these changes sometimes, to his regret. Olympics often addresses the matter in his writings. Not so lags the time of barter, or that in bought it each product in their respective store, bread in the bakery, fish in the fish market, the meat in the butcher shop, etc. Today we have at our disposal supermarkets where we can find together all these products, or even hypermarkets with their respective sections that have everything and make us believe that we are in a furniture store or a gardening for example. All these facilities help us to improve our quality of life, in the sense that, at the time running, are very busy and hectic with our chores that barely time left us to make the purchase, obviously if we had to go to different stores to buy every product we would need more time than if we can find everything in one place. But the facilities are still evolving, the fact to be able to find plenty of products in the same establishment is relegated and in the background if we take into account the online sale. From our home, sitting on our couch and at any time of the day we can accede to supermarkets online, decor online stores, shops of clothing online and buy practically everything that we want.

The dynamic is as simple as entering what we want in our search and appear an infinite number of related results. We can find decor online stores and find specific products from designs for our home, or certain spaces decorating ideas. We can also enter clothing stores see garments and sizes and colors available and buy what they want, they sent him home, and in many cases free shipping. The latest are the ease of purchase online that offer some hypermarkets, e.g. Carrefour which has a guided tour of the supermarket in which you can see each of the corridors as if you were in the same, and add products to the cart, the best is that the products are stored for the next purchase, so it will take much less in our next purchase, because all of our usual products will be stored. Times change, and companies try to adapt them to survive..

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