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August 19th, 2020 at 9:26 am

Dietary Supplment

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Dietary supplement – Yes, but properly – for each type a different product! They have been training hard and are now the right believes food waiver? The cravings of 2-3 hours after training we will convince you and your scale by the contrary. Not necessarily how much–but what you eat is the key sticking point. The trap’ cravings for training after the same problem arises the hard training in the Studio or endurance training on the jogging path for many athletes, what, when and how much to eat? Often the question can be alone because of the loss of appetite immediately after the training already not so easily answered. But just after exercise is extremely important for the body to lead to the right nutrients. The biggest problem is in the high adrenaline during and up to 2 hours after the workout, which no appetite will be distribution of the body. Since the metabolism stimulated by the training still in full swing and with all available energy reserves consumed the cravings to the Word reports after a certain time. And here’s the biggest problem: the athletes are mostly the cravings feel and reflected fully the belly, while typically significantly more calories be supplied than were used during the training. Mainly now you should abstain from never to eat after sports and fitness cereal, whole-grain bread with sausage or cheese, boiled potatoes with cottage cheese or even pasta with tomato sauce are taken.

Immediately after your workout, you should a healthy”kost as prefer such as whole-grain bread with cheese or sausage, potatoes with cottage cheese or noodles in tomato sauce. If you want to work off excess pounds through fitness training, had with the meal better still wait 1-2 hours. Thus, the fat-burning fueled by training alone may sound out. Should be avoided in no case on the meal after exercise. After the workout, the body needs plenty of fluids after any sporting activity should approximately 80 percent of the water, that is lost during exercise, the body returned to be. You should juice spritzers (5 parts water 1 part juice) or prefer mineral water. sights. Who has an appetite for something sweet after the sporting exercise, which should give in to that feeling.

The muscles of the athlete is very receptive for carbohydrates, which can then be stored in the muscles and to restore the fitness after training. But really if you have no possibility after exercise to eat a full meal, you can cover the increased energy consumption with a dietary supplement nutritional supplement – Yes. With a weight gainer is recommended product for muscle building (carbohydrate protein mixture) and for fat loss shake or protein bar you will find a protein in our protein shop. This particular drugs are recommended, which reflect the lack of carbohydrates and proteins in concentrated form the body, supporting the muscles during rain ration in full

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