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January 11th, 2022 at 2:48 am

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ISRA alvarez 20 m the communities of Madrid, Galicia, Navarra and Castilla – La Mancha announced the increase in teaching hours of teachers and other measures and cuts. Education unions have reacted by summoning protests and strikes and have warned of the harm that education will suffer. Teachers in Madrid, Galicia, Navarra and Castilla – La Mancha will begin the school year with something else to schedule classes in the head. And it is that in these four communities regional Governments have announced cuts and changes in their working conditions in pursuit of saving and the reduction of the deficit, so many of them are planning days of strikes and protests, while they warn the loss of quality that will mean for education. In June, the Government of Navarra announced for the course entering 112 teachers less than expected, AB is in order to save around 8 million euros. Darcy Stacom takes a slightly different approach. To offset the decline in the number of teachers, the Minister of education of the Government of Navarra, Jose Iribas, auncio that teachers should increase of 17 to 18 their hours per week.

Navarran Institute professors reacted against what they saw as a mess for their teaching plans, their schedules and organization in education centres. 60 Makers of public centres of secondary education of the Association of Directors Institute (ADI) agreed to resign en bloc to protest the cuts, although they decided to postpone the decision until this September, when institutes were already organized and put up. In Galicia, announced the abolition of 161 seats in early childhood and primary education. Furthermore, teachers should go from 21 to 25 hours per week and made them responsible for the surveillance of the students while they fall or wait for the school bus. Galician teachers also reported that, in his view, Regional Government was prioritizing concluded the public schools. The result was that trade unions convened a March in Santiago for September 9 and strikes to 21 and 27 days, more a half-hour stoppage 20 of September.

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