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East Frisian Islands

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The seven inhabited islands all have a unique character and different features. The chain of the East Frisian Islands stretches off the coast of East Frisia. In addition to the seven islands inhabited, elongated, also four uninhabited islands, the so-called Sandplaten, are lined up. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the island chain. Spicy North Sea, sandy beaches and nature are the key components that make the Islands for visitors. In the far west of the Ostfrisischen Islands is the largest of the Islands – Borkum.

From here it’s not far in Dutch territorial waters. Borkum is situated on the EMS estuary into the North Sea, has two main beaches North Beach and South Beach, and is a recognized North Sea Spa with Spa operation. Vacationers stay Borkumer apartment or – more rarely – in the hotel. East the island Juist joins on Borkum. Juist is 17 km the longest of the Islands, but is at its narrowest point only half a kilometre wide.

As the other East Frisian She wanders Islands slowly eastward, wash off the shore in the West of the island and in the East of the island again sand is washed up. Norderney also was one of the large islands. A special feature is the very good accessibility: the Deutsche Bahn ICE goes directly to Norddeich/Mole, from where passengers can translate to Norderney. On Norderney, cars are allowed, unlike some smaller islands. Baltrum is the smallest of the inhabited East Frisian Islands. It is located opposite the Kustenbadeort Nessmersiel, from where also the Baltrumfahre starts. On Baltrum, car traffic is forbidden and the tourism is relatively quiet. East of Baltrum, Langeoog is located. This island also has an intensive Spa operations and the beaches are around 14 kilometres long. The virtually car-free island can be reached by ferry from the village Bensersiel out. Spiekeroog and the smaller Wangerooge form the eastern end of the East Frisian Islands. Peculiarities of Spiekeroog are the relatively large forests and the many historical Farmhouses, which are here preserved. In addition to apartments and b & BS, there are also some hotels await guests.


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