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January 14th, 2021 at 3:18 am

Educational Management

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Thus if it constructs and if it keeps a culture of the individualism. In the pertaining to school establishment, to if working separately, confusing autonomy with independence, habitus finishes for if restoring, therefore without the collective one, it does not have confrontation and the rationality leaves of being necessary. The isolated work, ' ' autnomo' ' , it has supported, therefore, the expectation of if preventing conflicts, and without these if it considers possible to optimize and to control the educational processes. The preponderant trend of if preventing the conflict with the isolation must be questioned. For in such a way, Perrenoud standed out the value of inherent the heterogeneidade as characteristic to any human grouping, and with it the diversity in ways to be, to learn, of if relating with others, etc. Leaving of this premise, is possible to reiterate the importance of the work in team a time that it makes possible the confrontation and the integration between different.

FINAL CONSIDERASES the type of management practised in the pertaining to school establishment are determinative for the quality of the teach-learning process. responsible for the pertaining to school management the ample participation in the decision taking, the adequacy of schedules of the professionals, the otimizao of the material and financial resources would have to make the planning foreseeing, without leaving to take care of of the organizacional climate, of the revitalizao of the values and paper of the institution. This style, probably, would provoke a positive impact in the classroom, therefore the support and the base so that the educative activities are developed would be gifts. The management can not be supported in practical of the planning, the being decided with superiority for the bureaucratic logic, and in result of this the organizacional climate, the values and the paper of the institution if exhaust. In these conditions, despite the professor has excellent formation, its work tends to be compromised, for the absence of exchange of experiences and support to its proposals.


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