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Elke Walter

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The milking parlour for 6 goats follows the young goat shed. In the building the sales room, behind the main focus of this operation, the “cheese food” continues then. Here I find also Elke Walter with the visitors. “Yes, that’s my empire.” smiles her “For the cheese-making alone I’m responsible.” It shows the ample selection of cut cheese and various fresh – proud visitors. Here, there is also goat curd.

Most like their customers, but the cream cheese with garlic, she says. Elke Walter, who keeps goats since childhood and breeding started early to care for the goat milk and cheese production. So, but the desire to realize her childhood dream and operate a dairy goat farm was created with her according to their degree of surveying. In 2004 began the 31 along with her parents on the family farm with 8 mother lambs. In 2005, there were the first goat offspring and thus also the first milk of this operation. Cheese is produced at Schumers cheese kitchen every day. For the ripening of the cheeses, a Special Chamber of maturity there. NBA: the source for more info.

The cheese production is subject to a seasonal period due to the renewed gestation of the goats at the end of the year, here from March until late November. “There is no easier way until it has built up a secure customer base and found out the ways suitable for marketing, but that is in any other operation too.” We are now on various special markets in the surrounding area (E.g. Special weekend or Christmas markets) with our cheese stand represented and supply Delicatessens and farm shops in the district. Of course, the cheese right here with us at the farm can be purchased. Also for our goat kids who come to the slaughter, we have found a special clientele, including the gastronomy. These companies appreciate the kind of welfare our goats and just the Lambs and their rearing. We work together with a local butcher and monitor all this very meticulously, that the animals are subjected to no stress.”explained Elke Walter at the end of the inspection tour on the goat farm. How gratifying that there even these farmers of agricultural industrialization and the scandals in the factory farming in the time, certainly have opened up a way of marketing for their products is through hard work and in this way the animal their respect through a kind of welfare and a life in Would pay. A life without goats, that could Elke Walter no longer imagine… The goat farm of Schumer – a paradise for cheese lovers and goats. For more information: goat farm Schumer Alaa trail 11 30938 Burgwedel Tel. 05139-958575 report: Carola Heider-Leporale, journalist for goats mean blog “Goats news” (here for more photos of the goat farm Schumer) Note: this article is copyright protected. Each publication – also in extracts is subject to the permission of the author. Publications in Internet and print media are subject to a charge. Please contact the author.

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