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English Healthy

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It chooses to have a life. 8. You do not hurry as far as having young novio/a.Los that begin to obsess themselves to have novio/a to a tender age, often put in problems. 9. When having fianc2e, ten well-taken care of with I touch and the caresses.

The engagement is not the marriage and therefore he is sinned to touch and to caress to stimulate sexual desires during this stage of life (Mateo 5:27 – 30). 10. Ten patience. The blessings of the marriage are deeper and lasting when the young people maintain their purity before marrying. 11. It learns to use ” frenos” (Santiago 4:7).

As the driver of a car must use brakes not to surprise itself, thus you must use the brakes that God has given you by means of the Bible, your the good advice of others brings back to consciousness and. He learns to use well your spiritual brakes to avoid painful shocks. He learns to say ” no” to the nonhealthy things. Then he will go to you well with your ” auto” in this life and you will arrive at the sky. 12. The advice of your parents listens. They love to you more than nobody and its experience gives wisdom them as far as the things that do damage to you. You are not obstinate or rebellious as far as the advice of them (Proverbs 1:8). 13. Ocpate in healthy things. In English there is a saying that says, ” the empty mind is factory of diablo”. When you do not have nothing to do is when you are more going to be attemped to meterte in problems. You do not pass too much time watching the television. Dedcate to the healthy things: the studies, the sports that are healthy, healthy music, the art that are healthy, the computers, the electronics (the radio of short wave, etc.


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