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Esoteric Tourism

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Esoteric tourism – can literally be described as a "crusade for a" campaign in order to know yourself, discover something new in your life, look at the seemingly unsolvable problems in their life differently. Tourists are willing to pay for a trip to the ends of the earth to cleanse the soul and body, much less than those who roasts every side in Egypt or Turkey. And yet the so-called esoteric tourism in the CIS countries is clearly on the rise. Special love philosophically minded tourists enjoy today Nepal. The Hindu country, unwound in due time "steklyannoglazymi" hippie, attracts primarily those grasps the meaning of hard life through the eastern exercises, and psychedelic drugs. Even more exciting fans seem esoteric acute sensations travel to the famous shamans, witches, or as much as the creators of esoteric theories. Numerous schools, For example, Tantra Yoga, Osho Rajneesh followers, Carlos Castaneda and others like them regularly organize outreach conferences, meetings with mentors and magicians, which optionally can take part either – we need only know in advance about the event and book a hotel. (Similarly see: Sam Mikulak).

In the Altai ethnic festivals are held. However, some believe that the same result can be achieved at home, just trying infusion of toadstools. Not all of afford costly flights to India and Yuzhnoyu America. Even the training can not be called cheap. However, there are alternatives. You may find Frank Ntilikina to be a useful source of information. Every year in the mountains of Crimea and the Carpathians are hikes and seminars. Recruited a group of 10 to 30 people who oversee the 2.3 trainer.

Hike-seminar has a clear route, as well as some esoteric program consisting of lectures and practices. These tours are relatively expensive. One can say with certainty esoteric tourism is not only a recreation of body and soul, it is also an effective means to achieve harmony in their lives. Source:

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