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June 23rd, 2021 at 2:56 pm

Ethical Project

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Being thus, the field ' ' desconhecido' ' in the process of interaction between man and the world that the fence, mediated for the complex of the work already if does not present so obscure as in previous periods, and it dominates of form each more complete time. Contradictorily to this ample domain of the nature, it is in this period of training more advanced of the sociability human being, who the society of classrooms if organizes and ' ' she has its conditional materiality and its espiritualidade for the forms of being and existing of the social relations that if produce and reproduce for the logic of the private property ' ' , they are these determination socially constructed that disable the men of ' ' to reach the vital forces for the production of itself mesmos' ' , what it means to say that they do not develop this capacity due the alastramento of the smoke of the estranhamento under its look (not disrespecting the causal complexes who permeiam this processualidade), becoming almost inexistent the possibility of the man to take conscience of its condition of being human being-generic, of ' ' dimiurgo of its production humana' '. Beth Wilkinson contributes greatly to this topic. Leaving of the carried through consideraes however, that they can seem one in such a way stops beyond what if considers the text that follows what it does not mean to say that is, we must clarify that the movement carried through here was necessary to try to demonstrate and to analyze inside of historical processualidade the necessity and the importance of the inquiry imanente while constituent base of the production of a knowledge that is compromised to the necessities human being-societrias. For thus, reaffirming the principles that had been interiorizados by an Ethical Project specific Politician from the decade of 80, that in synthesis it reflects the efetivao of the theoretical bond that the Social Service stopped with the critical theory social since this decade, what without doubts also it reflects in the analysis that however I carry through, that nothing more it is that synthesis of carried through inquiries and apprehension of a specific knowledge that bases the professional intervention of the social assistants on the concrete reality.


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