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September 8th, 2018 at 1:11 am

European Championship

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The difference of fans between the World Cup and the German Bundesliga since about three weeks rolls the ball for the first World Cup on African soil. The must have made wrong anything who still not having got it, because in messages, whether newspaper or television, reported about this event. It meets with his friends, to go together to the public viewing, because together watch football is just more fun. Then it is composed, to talk to about the beautiful and the bad situations. And then there are also people who are simply swept away. Not really interested in the actual game, you are simply swept away by the mood. The Germany flags hang out on the cars, on the balcony or in the garden.

The fans make-up in the colors of their country and the cities are in black, red, gold dipped. But unfortunately a football takes place only every two or four years World Cup or European Championship. At this time all the Nations gather together to celebrate and fellow to fevers. If then the own team didn’t make it, then you would be still for the team that has won, even if this understandably somewhat difficult at first. But if such a large event is over, maybe it takes two weeks, and the fan paraphernalia are put for the next two years in the cellar. An exception may be the beloved Jersey since then, because without you want then but not there. However, to be exact, it’s all only since 2006 was World Cup in Germany. Only since the football fever has arrived yet so right in Germany.

Also, the sense of community disappears again. Well, that combines football, that is really no secret. But you can not compare just the football Bundesliga with a World Cup. Because if in the Bundesliga the own club loses, then many fans will be unfortunately very fast aggressive. You can barely abide and upset extremely about the lost game. And at all would unlikely you will get the idea, look forward to the other Club. Somehow, this is of course understandable, but why is in the World Cup, not even in the national sport. Probably, it is simply because there are different Nations at a World Cup, and each nation brings their properties. In the Bundesliga, it is then but always the same nation. Perhaps we should remember more the beautiful moments of the World Cup, because then we can have more fun at the football determined in the future and be pleased also for other teams. Maybe that’s also a possibility so that fewer incidents in the national club sports happen. 02 July 2010, Desiree-Sophie Lepell

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