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June 6th, 2019 at 1:27 am

European Schlager Grand Prix

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Be inspired also by the sounds of the decades. Le Grand show d Eurovision, the current show concept of the singer & presenter June Wilson. Just in time for the Grand Prix year June Wilson brings “Grand show d Eurovision” an another brand new show concept on the stage. Celebrate the top hits of Eurovision of song and enjoy this unforgettable 45 minute mood journey through the decades. Here are the best Eurovision songs to sing along and join to a cutting-edge concept for success. By Lena’s winning title Satelite, who lives love, Guildo has love you, go over the bridge, a little peace, until the party all your kisses for me, wonder has been Khan, Hallelujah, Waterloo, save classics of Genghis it repeatedly, puppet on a string, etc. With much good humor, drama and lots of voice volume, the singer known for her stage temperament traveling with ensures great emotions.

Her powerful voice stands for Tembre and charisma that makes every event unforgettable. Can be infected by this passion to the music. From traditionelll to pop, from dance to party capable. Prix songs are just the most beautiful Grand unique party atmosphere. Be inspired also by the sounds of the decades. Accompanied by entertaining moderation, peppered with background info and witty anecdotal relating to the European Schlager Grand Prix presents show professional June Wilson, “Grand show d Eurovision”, the current show concept of the singer & presenter. Let me entertain you!

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