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“Feel your heart beat” – by heart, rays of light and very much ‘ heart beat’ after for quite some time now it is clear that the city of Dusseldorf of the Eurovision will be a song contest and in a solemn ceremony Oslo and Barum received the insignia of the contest by two representatives of the cities, we are happy us daily on more exciting news around the mammoth event. Also the motto under which the music competition will be, has now publicly: feel your heart beat! “.” This matched a conviction joins also animated, vibrant heart of beams and should thus provide a brilliant public appearance of the event and at the same time stoking the anticipation of participants, spectators and participants. Symbolically, it stands for emotions aroused by music at each and every one: enthusiasm, palpitation of the heart, with excitement, love, passion regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. The heart symbol is one which is international and truly every man of this earth is understood. Statements according to specially with the heart symbol”at the moment in Oslo tied are, as Lena formed a heart in the live interview during the event with their fingers, for those countries to thank, who had voted for them. Other countries followed her with this gesture and repeated this in the course of the show. The heart was not randomly chosen”so and builds great, beautiful and impulsive moments of the last ESC on, just as grandiose this year’s to make.

Thus, this Visual combination of heart and slogan as distinctive signs accompany the entire competition and be represented, for example, on posters, memorabilia and all other products with which the ESC to the public occurs. It was designed by the Agency of turqoise in London. Also a separate ESC song was now being presented. This is my city’s rhythm dancing”hot and provided also soon free to download. The moderation of the finale on May 14, 2011 will be the triangle from the entertainer Stefan Raab, the Assume comedian Anke Engelke and the tagesschau spokeswoman Judith Rakers. Apart from the news around the logo, there was also news on the semi final draw. Austria and Italy are once again for a long time at the event and make even more pleasure on the big show. All participants were divided into a first and a second half with the draw.

All entries will be selected later within this halves. Also was decided by lot in the semi-finals the so-called “big five” countries are entitled to vote. Big five”identified those countries that are automatically qualified for the final as the largest donor for the competition. On May 10, the first will take place on 12 may the second semifinal. There is more information and the opportunity to Exchange Webmail.de in the Forum of the versatile Web mail provider. Just stop by and join the discussion.

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