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August 7th, 2020 at 3:18 am


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This structure it will have to leave of the evaluation of the current situation, where if it makes necessary the improvement of the involved professionals, they are directly, or not, with the related event. The conduction of the management of people is not an easy task. To manage people, in an event of this transport, requires professionalism, ability, attitude and ability. It is what this study it desires to emphasize as reflection. The management of people is essential, during Pantry of the World of 2014 in Brazil and, in special, in Salvador, therefore the city is characterized by the heterogeneidade of social classrooms, culture, religiosidade and races. These characteristics need a special attention, therefore if it must leave of a current evaluation, the conditions of the city, and if carry through a organizacional study rationalizing them action to be implemented before and during the period of the games of the Pantry of the World. In this the tourism has prevalent paper.

For in such a way, the tourism will have to be the vestibule of entrance of the city, to receive the tourists, deriving of interior of the Bahia, other states and other countries. The effect on the economy, infrastructure and the socioeconmico development could be impactantes, positively or negative. Management of the Pantry of the World For organization of the pantry of the world in Brazil, was necessary the creation of managing committees in the scopes national, state and municipal. Credit: NBA-2011. In the national scope they must act the Ministry of the Sports, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of the Tourism and the Treasury department that compose all necessary apparatus next to the FIFA. In the case of the States work groups had been constituted and, in the case of the Bahia in special, it was created SECOPA and, in Salvador, in the municipal level, was created the ECOPA, both with the purpose to manage the work groups (GT) destined to the organization of the event.


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