Hoosier Basketball at it's Finest

Indiana H.S. Hoops

May 5th, 2020 at 4:33 pm

From Solokh

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We have begun to fall, all smeared and I was sucked in as much knee. Leg I still delivered, but with a running shoe had to say goodbye. Now, finally, it became clear that further travel impossible. Shivering with shame, we return to -Aul, sit in the car and drive hotel. Take a hot shower, changed clothes, we went to some tavern, where the ordered hash and Armenian vodka.

And only after that again felt by people! A few days later, we again made an attempt to reach dolmens. At this time we have prepared better, and the weather was favorable. e. From -Aul to the village Bzogu passed without problems. You bet! Now we were in high boots, and the road is a little dried. Further, it was necessary to go through river with a very beautiful name Bznych. Hanging bridge over Bznych has breathed its last.

Fall on the rocks from a height of 10 meters, we desire not, so we decided to go through it one by one in order to avoid unnecessary burdens on him. Topics however, feelings were acute, the bridge creaked and swayed, and I cried a river bottom. The peculiar attraction! Crossing the bridge, we have rested their noses on the shield on which was written: passage in sanctuary is strictly prohibited. 'So we right track '- and we were glad to take the fairy-tale forest. Oddly angled, covered with vines and moss, tree trunks, overgrown shrubs slopes, streams, make their way among the rocks.


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