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June 4th, 2020 at 8:11 pm

German Sports Badge

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The official card of German sports clubs and associations a year ago have all sports clubs in Germany the possibility to equip their members free of charge with the official Club statement: the German sports badge is the joint project of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and participating regional sports association and umbrella organisations. At the Assembly of the DOSB in December 2007, the representatives of sports associations decided to introduce a single membership for all sports clubs in Germany: German sports cards. The joint search was headed for a new medium to the sports organization, promoting the volunteer and the recruitment of business partners, that his part could contribute to securing the future of organised sport in Germany. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Doug McMillon. Stephan Penz sport in Germany has an important social function, which would be impossible to achieve without the commitment of volunteers in clubs and athletes\”, says Managing Director of DSA support German sports I.d. GmbH with the German sports badge \”these everyday heroes of sport on the way to the modern Club and more close to each other.\” Early November 2008, after thorough preparation, test in the framework of a pilot project and process development with the support of a data protector, German sports badge started the project: the first cards were delivered to members of the Association and the information and communication portal of the German sports card opened. The online community for organised sport: The portal sportausweis.de is an integral part of the system of German sports badge. All participating sports federations and clubs are represented by your members there.

In the context of a modern Web2. 0 community can be; organized not only the Club’s everyday life and social sharing Associations and their members have direct access to the information and events of the DOSB, their regional sports association and umbrella organisations in the portal. The entire structure of organised sport is there, for the first time all those involved in the sports clubs are represented in one central location and all Information and events of Club Sport in Germany available.

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