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January 13th, 2020 at 9:26 am


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Improve your German is still needed. Even with a job at an international company, where English – the working language, you may be required fluency in German. The Germans do not like to speak a foreign language and say that if you get into the country, please learn the language. And in general, they are right. – How is the learning process in college? Emphasis is placed on theory or practice? In Germany there are two big differences between universities and fachhohschule.

In universities the emphasis – on learning theory, fachhohschule – to practice. Which is better – hard to say. If you are studying at university, you need to look for jobs opportunities to gain skills in their specialty. Exams quite difficult. Main Unlike the educational process in our colleges and universities – are not asking anything in the course of the semester, is not implemented controls, tests.

It turns out that you go to lecture the whole semester, and then immediately test. Exams are all quite voluminous, issues tickets are not known, so need to learn all the material. In addition, the lectures given theory, but the exam may ask practical questions. Of great importance is given to independent work of students. If a person not accustomed to working independently and is not able to organize itself and learn to be very difficult. – Can I earn money without sacrificing your education? Is it difficult to find a job a student in Germany? Student work quite easy to find.


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