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Regions who most value the knowledge of co-official languages are Catalonia, Basque country and the Balearic Islands, with 34,79%, 16.76% and 10,05% respectively. In the case of Galicia, valuation of their language in employment is 7,31%, while in Valencia autonomous language is required in 7.02% bids. The importance of multilingualism for academic, business, and political development to debate on June 15 took place in Barcelona a seminar on the cooperation agreement with the Generalitat in the field of education, organized by EF Education First, World Organization of international education. The event brought together experts of the autonomous Government, the business sector and the academic sector in order to share experiences and discuss the importance of plurilingualism in the globalized world. An of the main conclusions of the seminar is that Catalonia is advancing, little by little, towards the promotion of the learning of foreign languages with the ultimate goal of achieving a multilingual and multicultural Catalunya. In this line, del Departament d Educacio showed that one of its priorities is that new generations can compete globally with youth in countries so markedly multilingual Holland and Belgium.

Another aspect that stood out during the seminar is the importance of languages for economic growth. According to Josep Maria Cervera, Director of the area of enterprise internationalization in the Chamber of Commerce, industry i Navegacio de Barcelona, knowledge of foreign languages and cultures is absolutely essential for modern entrepreneurs. In fact, the Cambra de Comerc believes that if companies dominasen foreign languages and take advantage of the opportunities of the labour markets, there would be a potential increase in GDP of Catalonia from 12%. During the meeting they were also different actions carried out in collaboration with various institutions, as Experimental Plan of foreign languages, whose goal is to introduce and strengthen the teaching of a third, and sometimes fourth language; or the lifelong learning programme which, among other initiatives, promotes international mobility scholarships. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.

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