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November 23rd, 2020 at 8:18 pm

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A top athlete, world and European champion, Olympic champion between older ladies, you look like a Sunday tea party at home work. Only was still missing, that is sung. If it helps, why not basket weaving? And it helped that I know today! Remains very important to mention that my family has given the greatest support in me to be there today, where I am with great Thankfulness! When I today that they have devoted to me, hear the song of the German tenor “believe in yourself”, I get still get goose bumps”, Leipold said. . Think of you, think to the destinations for which you’re, you’re wearing down in you let you carry your life never give up and look only forward! What also comes, you will be winner! With this music video, this successful event went slowly to the end. Helmut Gruhn thanked the visitors and the three challengers for their commitment and presented a cheque of 500,–for the German stroke help Foundation Ambassador of the German stroke help Alexander Leipold. Thus there were only winners and no losers on the way back to life “back to life”! As also that is intense rehab program that is offered in the Perzeptionshaus for stroke patients.

The basis is the Bobath concept, one of the oldest methods applied in the world most in the neurological treatment. There is information on the website: the Perzeptionshaus the Perzeptionshaus therapy centre and Fort education facility for neurological rehabilitation Helga Gruhn Pam & Helmut Gruhn Carl-Ulrich-Strasse 30 63512 Hainburg Tel.: 06182 – 47 49 fax.: 06182 – 82 56 83 the Perzeptionshaus is a therapy centre and Fort educational facility for neurological rehabilitation. The work in the Perzeptionshaus focuses on specializing in stroke rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of neurological patients, as well as the training of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists to specific “Rehab therapists” take place in the Perzeptionshaus under one roof. In addition to our therapeutic work we offer for many years great success throughout the year different, recognized as a training base – building – and refresher courses and seminars and upcoming events around the stroke on. In this context, the intensive therapy was developed by us “Back to Life”. The clinically proven 65 years and applied Bobath concept forms the basis of this work. The treatment is the therapy of neurological diseases most commonly applied in Europe after the Bobath concept.

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