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July 22nd, 2020 at 12:33 am

Hanniball Thursday

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At the children’s train, he stands next to the President on the tower. Campbell hopes that her car at the competition performs well, maybe a medal prospect. 2014, lazy is adding the anniversary number to his work to the 50th anniversary and make the stage set for the Club. But the competition is fierce. On my way to the three car designers, I look into it in the road of Liebig. On September 29, 2012, 77 Carnival and parade floats of Aachen during the 5,400 m moved large AAK tramcar shed in the road of Liebig 40. End of January 2013 the Hall is already very busy. The Peacock car its Tollitat Thomas II.

eye stands of course. Tuesday, January 22, 2013 I meet Frank, lazy and Horst in Alsdorf Hongen busily at work. In a Hall of the former cement plant Zentropa, clinker in the Alsdorfer Julich road 240 is the painting. Other during the faithful Hussar, the former Prince of Hongen, the blue sparks from Hongen, and others turn off their car here. The outside temperature is zero degrees. As the Sun out peeps, the thermometer rises to a degree, but it is freezing cold in the Interior of the Hall. Fortunately, it is not raining.

The roof has large leaks. The exterior work is known for Campbell as a former gardener and my two graffiti artists, but I erfriere almost. Because of the cold, lazy taking the colors every day home. This morning, the roses are almost done, her shadow must still be carried out. Is the basic sketch for Fidelio. Lazy begins with the refinement works. Meanwhile, he considered his work again and again from distance. Also the individual drying processes take their time. The fur of Fidelio slowly takes shape. Well, it starts to be fluffy. The result is a picturesque scene in classical graffiti style. When I’d drop by with Hanniball Thursday, January 24, 2013, Fidelio has been awarded already the session order, which adorns the rear entrance also oversized. The CAP is an artistic invention. She artfully arranged lazy on the outside wall of the front Gallery. He contributes this work his spray mask and asbestos gloves for protection. On the other hand, Frank refined the monuments. Top right you can see the vent window for the music box it is even painted over with clouds. Meanwhile, Horst manufactures that Door lock on. Lazy characterized meets classic Carnival tradition! his work as a classical graffiti” Tuesday, January 29, 2013 the work will be completed. Lazy puts finishing touches to the lettering. On the Tower of the Club clown in the Wolken.Unter smiles a Strutters the session order shines. Frank explains that it is not a general but individual portrait, that the order demonstratively presents. Next week is the solemn inauguration and press event. In the jecke bustle!

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