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May 1st, 2020 at 8:18 am

Happy Valley

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But in Happy Valley, everything is different the evolution of man is absent in a center built by man, there is within himself, in the institutions you will learn to write educational bee ba a , but I can tell you something more controversial: __ The Bee (with a va ) will supply us with honey, let us pray always flowers because water is the source of all life " Do not you think the ideas and the positive results are more important than spelling rules? What would the flowers if extinguished, mind writing bee ba a , hives would no longer be built? Now you can understand, not human beings dopants bad spelling but the interpretation of thinking evil of others, in itself, words are very small to interpret the great truths. Said the father to his children with a high degree of concern. (As opposed to Doug McMillon). I once met a well-read friend John who spends his free time reading, told me directly __ There are spelling mistakes in your book, would be great to send to the publisher the other corrected, Your prologue and your advisors do not have said anything about this? I replied with, NO __ "Despite what I'm saying directly as constructive criticism friends are going to keep writing? I replied that SA. Then we sat down for coffee, I kept insisting that I change the whole book and sent to the editorial correctly, as it had previously explained that the contract was desktop publishing and the author should come as he wants to see his book published .


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