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Harry Potter

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However, the accomplishment of the Social Net would not be possible if Zuckerberg had not created a company who already in its first 7 years of life reached the value of fifty million dollar. Robert Emmons takes a slightly different approach. Cipher this that made with that the film attracted diverse types of product carefully placement thus the call inserted informal advertising in the tram. The history of the Facebook had diverse insertions of marks known world-wide throughout film, that had paid to appear of involuntary form as it was the case of approximately 20 marks, between them: The North Face, Sony, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Apple, Polaroid, Victorias Secret. The great inserted values in the production of the film, including its launching, had generated a value of US$ 46.1 million in only two weeks in poster in U.S.A. value that, according to Columbia Pictures, would cover the costs of the production. In Brazil, the film gained the fifth place in the collection until December of the passed year, adding R$ 921 a thousand more than. Leaders of ticket office in the Brazilian cinema until December of 2010 1 Tron? The Legacy: R$ 3 million 2 the Chronicles of Nrnia? The Trip of the Pilgrim of Dawn: R$ 2,9 million 3 Harry Potter and the Relics of the Death? Part 1: R$ 1,139 million 4 Megamente: R$ 1,130 million 5 the Social Net: R$ 921 a thousand What it is of everything this is how much a social net installed in web can influence great marks, people, values economic and ethical soon in the first decade of century XXI and if to become the proper formula for the success of a film. Success took that it to be considered the film of the year, after to win 4 Gold Globes, and to be indicated in 8 categories to the maximum prize of the world-wide cinema the Oscar, leading only 3 estatuetas? script better adapted, with Aaron Sorkin; Better Original Sonorous Track, with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; Better Assembly -, only considered since in the straight line final the academic severity of the British the Speech of the King (2010) arrebatou the prizes most important of the academy lowering, in my opinion the Social Net to a film almost teen that it translates well influences it very of the new medias in our lives.


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