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November 21st, 2020 at 10:56 am

Health Risk

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In Germany over 2 million people suffer from physical or mental work. In Germany so the latest figures of the Federal Statistical Office suffer from over 2 million people physically or mental work. Then have more than 6 percent of all workers in acquisition-related health problems. While disorders of the locomotor system make up the largest proportion followed by mental illness due to time pressure and workload. Accidents occur much less frequently.

The now published figures come from a survey of 80,000 workers. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Ford has to say. The background is a supplementary survey to the EU-harmonised labour force survey in 2007. The article in the called “Health risks at the workplace” of the Federal Office of statistics (www.destatis.de) provides more information about work-related health problems. In the wake of the financial crisis, many companies their existing health programs run out or canceled already agreed measures in the short term. These efforts are particularly in the current situation Take the health of their employees more important than ever. The fear to the workplace and the missing balance to the professional stress increase the pressure and the attendant health problems for the workers. As a result, an increase of occupational diseases of in particular mental health can be expected in the next few years. This work-specific health and fitness concepts can costs demonstrably permanently through a reduced sick leave. By the way such programs, which are integrated as far as possible in the daily work of employees, make a valuable contribution to the increase of the motivation and promote the team spirit and communication with each other.

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