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Heated Pools

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The heated pools are pools equipped with a series of installations such as heating system to raise the temperature of the water, thermal deck or dehumidifier, which allow the use of the pool more than the summer months, from spring until fall, or even throughout the year. Many heated pools used heating system of own housing as a source of heat, and may pose a considerable economic savings depending on the system used heater. Air conditioning of swimming pools swimming pools have a comfort level natural depending on the temperature of the environment and of the presence or absence of solar contribution. In general, pools discovered without heating only can take advantage of 8 to 12 weeks per year, depending on their geographical location. But with an air conditioning system can increase the temperature of the water and convert conventional pools only suitable for the summer in pools heated with a much broader use season, from spring until the autumn, or even throughout the year.

Heated swimming pools covered and uncovered may be air conditioned both indoor pools and outdoor swimming pools. In pools heated discovered are basically used two air conditioning systems: System heater: the method most often used in heated outdoor swimming pools is solar energy, since it is economic, efficient and easy to install. Other systems such as biomass or geothermal energy are only profitable if they are already being used to weatherize the home. ings. Covers: in heated pools outdoor are highly recommended covers, since they manage to save heating costs and reduce evaporation and the dirt in the pool. There are many types of pool enclosures: stiff, canvas, blankets, thermal, winter storage, manual, automatic or telescopic. In pools heated decks must be water heating and air conditioning: System heater: the most commonly used systems for the air conditioning of indoor swimming pools are heat pumps, energy solar, boilers and heaters.

These systems are not mutually exclusive, and sometimes there is a master system and other support system. Air conditioning: indoor heated swimming-pools you should regulate the room temperature and humidity generated by evaporation, to avoid sudden thermal changes and that the humidity of the atmosphere is uncomfortable, causes respiratory problems or favours the appearance of condensation, dampness, mold and fungi. Dehumidifiers or charge the air conditioning heat pump can be used. Heated swimming pools with heating of the House instead of installing an exclusive heating system for the pool, it is possible to heat the water of the heated pools using housing as primary circuit heating. In the heat exchanger, the primary circuit provides heat to the secondary circuit, through which circulates the water in the pool. This system allows for a rapid increase in temperature and very interesting economic advantages depending on the heat source used. Source: Heated swimming pools

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