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May 25th, 2021 at 8:41 am

Heidi Klum Wants Britney Spears

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You can rely on such neighbors. Klum Heidi not only super model but also super neighbor. So you can say that. She offered now help one of its prominent neighbors. Connect with other leaders such as Marty Schottenheimer here. The who could use their help? It’s simple: Britney Spears. Announced as the supermodel and project runway host now, that it would very much welcome Britney Spears in her family. She would help her to find the right path in their lives.

“She can call at any time. It is welcome. If she want to, she could live a few months with us. We would love to help her “, as Heidi Klum in an interview with ARD, which was published in the Associated Press.” Sorry so, if thrown by a man out of the car. It runs a very wild life.” The Beverly Hills resident Heidi Klum is a mother of three children (a girl and two boys). She is married to the singer seal. Klum believes that the pop star could benefit from a stable family life. “I was in my life ever” happy like now. I have a great husband and three wonderful children. You are all so awesome, there is really nothing better.” We wait whether Britney Spears will accept the offer.

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